Wednesday, December 29, 2010

illy issimo Caffe Coffee Drink Review

illy issimo Caffe, while not an energy drink, does in fact contain a healthy 155mg of caffeine per can, and since it comes in the same medium as most energy drinks(essentially a modified soda can), I decided to give it a try. Its can is a small six point eight oz.'s, and while its appearance is clean and highly sophisticated, I struggled with figuring out what it's officially called. But I'm unsure whether I can criticize it for this, because there's a chance that I'm just inept and people to whom this is marketed to have no trouble.

illy issimo Caffe, unlike any of the previous coffee drinks that I've reviewed, is not creamed and is purely just sweetened coffee. Irascibly acidic with a surprisingly smooth mouth feel, illy's taste begins with strong notes of burnt toast that are partially garnished by a subjacent dark chocolate. The latter has its own bitter variance who's pleasantly in stasis with the fair sweetness and unique body of the chocolate. A roasted hazelnut that's roughly acrid then braids with a strong, though entirely separate from the previous, bitterness, and this alloy occupies as the foundation for the prior to casually rest atop. The nutty taste itself is balsamic, lacking any strong or real distinct presence, and as a result it easily absorbs several fierce qualities from its surroundings; a strong burnt characteristic and a well balance of astringency and bitterness. The just prior creates an uncomfortable throat burning that makes sipping anything large painful unless you're accustomed. The finish is mostly clean leaving, with a bitter aura left behind after each sip. Overall, illy's explicit lack of cream is a refreshing change of pace for one who's wholly used to cream-laden RTD coffees, but my lack of appreciation and enjoyment for uncreamed sweetened coffee in general prevents me from hailing much about it.

All issimo contains is 155mg of caffeine, which to me, is perfectly fine, as I received a pretty impressive jolt. I felt energized decently quick after full consumption, and it continued to increase for around half an hour before it limboed for another two and a half or so. All in all, illy issimo Caffe is ultimately a unique ready to drink coffee that the likes of me don't particularly like.

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