Saturday, January 8, 2011

X-Drinx Kosmic Kola Energy Drink Review

I'm lucky to of been able to obtain several varieties of X-Drinx, as it seems the line has been discontinued. Kosmic Kola is the first of the few that I'm going to review, and it comes impressively in a glass bottle, which gives the drink a premium sort of visual quality. Its label, however, doesn't look as great, with a rather boring circle graphic as its only real design. One thing that I don't quite understand is the dual X's smack dab in the middle, as it almost gave me the impression that this is actually called XX-Drinx.

Kosmic Kola splashes out with minimal bubbles hugging my glass's walls, and it is of a deep and appropriate brown colour. Starkly tasting of vanilla, this initial flavour is quickly braided multiple times with sarsaparilla and licorice. The vanilla tastes robust on its own and has a mildly creamy tail to it, and the complex interweaving of the two add great depth and dimension. Then your palate notices attributes of lemon and lime, albeit light tastings of the citrus couple, and they're underlined by a nutty and slightly spiced butterscotch flavour. The spicing is indistinct but mostly of nutmeg and clove, and the butterscotch mostly just sweetens the fruit tastes, as little attention is initially given solely to it. But eventually it's adopted and adapted by the sarsaparilla and licorice, and it too meshes into the vanilla. By this point in the flavour a slight herbal bitterness, mostly tasting of yerba mate, is identified and while it remains low pitched, its presence gives an already complicated affair even more to consider. Overall, X-Drinx Kosmic Kola's pensively developed taste is so enjoyable that I'm saddened severely that the drink is no longer available, as my last sip is very likely to really of been my last.

Kosmic Kola's kick was substandard. I had a decent rush for under two hours, and it was free of jitters, but not free of any crash. Each bottle contains, well just caffeine and guarana. In the end, for an off the market energy drink, X-Drinx Kosmic Kola's taste is wildly more intricate than many mainstream colas, regardless if they're an energy drink or just a soda.

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