Monday, January 10, 2011

Lighter Spider Energy Drink Review

Lighter Spider has got to be one of my favourite names for an energy drink in quite some time, but it's not just a novelty name, as it does allude to that the drink is the sugar free version of Spider. Lighter Spider comes in a can that's almost optically identical to its full sugar brother, with a few minor additions and deductions that sufficiently give it its own separate identity. One of the few changes involves the slogan, which has since been modified to read "Get Bit, Stay Fit," which while undeniably cheesy, is still appropriate with both the namesake creature and its sugar free nature.

Lighter Spider's taste begins with a muffled mango that's hollowed and filled by a blend of lemon and melon. The mango flavour feels distant and lacks any sort of stern demeanor, but it does have an incompletely developed tang that's appreciated by both me and the neighboring fruits. The aforementioned hybrid tastes much less like a synthetic crossing of two foreign flavours, and more like an inevitable pairing that's naturally caused, and as a sugar free drink, the overall taste benefits greatly by this authentic quality. The lemon itself is artificial but still blissful, and it discharges a weak sourness that isn't anemic for the flavour but is for the fruit it originates from, how ever factitious it tastes. The three fruits avoid ever becoming obsolete, and while one may be more arresting than another, never does a flavour act predominately. Implications of both tangerine and grapefruit appear incorporeal, and they really only arrive just after the climax of the previous flavours, and they last well into the drink's brief aftertaste. Carbonation was fairly brute but never overwhelming, and the experience's overall sweetness was surprisingly vibrant considering the lack of any sugar. In the end, Lighter Spider is unlike regular Spider in that it tasted much less of orange and instead more like a generalization of the broad citrus genre, which to me is fine alteration as it was done skillfully.

Caffeine(240mg), several B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and guarana are in each can of Lighter Spider, and like its sugared cousin, I felt energized for over four hours. I had no jitters and no crash followed the multiple hours. Overall, while it lacks the ambition to do anything previously unseen, Lighter Spider is nonetheless a thoughtfully executed energy drink.

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