Wednesday, January 12, 2011

AZ Energy Drink Review

AZ's can is graphically similar to that of AZ Low Cal, with the most notable change being the swap from a white to a black background. The latter colour has a great track record when it comes to improving can designs, and while that's generally the case here, I did find one problem with it; you can't easily see the crown that adorns the letter "A." The result is a logo that feels like the backdrop couldn't contain itself and is now manifesting all that's near. But other than this quibble, the can does supply a sort of royal sophistication that's otherwise unhindered.

AZ begins with a tangerine flavour who's edges are crusted by a coy though distinctly earthy tea-like taste. The tea flavour is vastly similar, if not weaker, to that of many of the companies other products, and the tangerine's taste is more candied than it is natural. This honeyed quality, however, is countered by the organic presence that the attached tea taste has, and this disallows the resulting flavour to have a clear mind. Both lemon and lime are then dispensed from the former, and the two initially are seemingly simply adjacent fruits, but below the surface you'll discover that the lemon does most of the actual flavouring, and the lime instills any tart and sourness within the other citrus fruit. This partnership creates an interesting lemon flavour that's highly reminiscent of lime, and the taste has far more depth and creativity to it than your typical lemon lime soda. Mild notes of two fruits follow, the two being pear and mango, and the antecedent has a slight oily mouth felt texture that doesn't permit any growth or development. The mango, however, thrives within the limits of remaining a note, and it subsequently boarders evolving into one of the mainstream tastes, but it collapses, along with the rest of the experience, before it gains the chance. The unique though flawed braiding of various flavours disclaims your attention from ever extending to the drink's carbonation, and the sweetness level overall was also censored from major notice. In the end, AZ Energy's flavour is cluttered and unfocused, but regardless, it was more enjoyable than one that was predictable and routine.

Like the earlier variety, AZ gave me an above average kick. It lasted four hours and wasn't one that provided jitters. Each can contains: caffeine(200mg), inositol, taurine, guarana, ginseng, vitamin C, and several B vitamins. All in all, AZ Energy does a lot right in terms of originality, as that's what both its taste and can were ample in, but the two also require some refinements to make it an exceptional product.

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patrick said...

Nice site. Where did you find the AZ energy drink? I live in NH and am curious to try it, but I'm not sure if it's even sold here yet.

Philip Michael said...

I've been at several Dollar Trees that were well stocked with AZ, so I'd recommend checking a near location.

Compromizer said...

I like these since you can get them for a buck a piece at the dollar tree and also they remind me of a not quite but similar to mountain dew taste to them. But who knows maybe my taste buds are just burnt. I recommend this drink, one of my favorites.

Syez said...

23.5 fl oz cans are only a buck fitty up here in the foothills of the 'Rondacks, NY.

I have to say you have an exquisitely sophisticated way of reviewing a drink's flavor! Indeed, how riveting.

The AZ Energy drink tastes like balls basically, it is such a cheap and overly sweet taste, but I guess if you like AZ drinks in general it will be right up your alley. I for one found it quite despicable and the overly sweet taste makes me want to run and grab a can of zero carb or sugarfree just to counteract it. Comparing it to a flavor like NOS which has more high fructose corn syrup in it yet somehow tastes less sweet leads me to believe they royally fucked up this drinks flavor. You hit the nail on the head, it's nasty but at least it is not predictable.

The amount of guarana in this drink (100mg per serving) is insane. Combined with the already high level of caffeine this is adding quite the kick. This drink buzzes harder than most for me, however caffeine fiends may find it only above average but your for casual energy drink consumer it can give quite the kick. Most drinks with guarana tend to only contain 25mg per serving. This baby has 4 times that. WOOOT! I'm downing a can right now!

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