Friday, January 14, 2011

Hydrive Kiwi Strawberry Energy Drink Review

I generally dislike the bottle to Hydrive Kiwi Strawberry, but my main complaint isn't really about the bottle design, but rather the colour scheme. There's three main colours to the label, and two I feel work quite well together; the dark purple and the yellow. But unfortunately, the remaining colour, the light and pale pink, doesn't visually agree with its compeers. And with the latter colour dominating most of the design's real estate, Kiwi Strawberry easily sports my least favourite bottle.

Hydrive Kiwi Strawberry tastes, initially, much weaker than I expected. It begins with a watery blandness who quickly becomes flavoured of the first of the namesake fruits. The strawberry is surprisingly authentic tasting, with an appropriate sweetness and tang. The sugariness has a bit of synthetic caudal characteristic that's thankfully obscured from plain taste by a mild following of several fruits. Kiwi is a prominent player in this team, but its strength is nearly equaled by a sour lime and melon. The melon is the least puissant of the trio as well as the least developed, with little seasonings or zest given to it. The lime, in addition to being sour, has a fair dryness that gives it an appreciated textured depth. The just previous trilogy of flavours are sutured well but perhaps too seamlessly, as they end up blending together easily. This and their fairly tame potency results in the three tasting much like one robust fruit opposed to three individual ones. The dryness and sourness augment briskly, but remain still slight, with the oncoming end of the experience, and following the cusp there's no aftertaste. Overall, while I certainly enjoyed each sip I took of Hydrive Kiwi Strawberry, its taste isn't going to impress anyone who isn't already a fan of these types of drinks.

Hydrive Kiwi provides a kick lasting around two plus hours. It was jitter free and didn't result in a crash, but strength-wise it wasn't all too impressive. Each bottle contains: caffeine(145mg), guarana, ginseng, several B vitamins, and taurine. In the end, Hydrive Kiwi Strawberry is an acceptable extension of the line, but it plays it safe and tries little radically different from other variates.

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