Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slap Frost Low Calorie Energy Drink Review

Wal Mart definitely surprised me when I found a full shelf dedicated to the Slap line, and at a low $.98, I wasn't hesitant about picking up a can of the only variety left for me to review; Frost Low Calorie. It and its brothers have been given a much needed redesign since I last saw them, and since the line previously had used several different visages for each style of drink(whether it was tea, juice, etc.), the line now looks and feels consistent. I do, however, scorn the decision to break up the logo so it take up two lines, as it chops the fluidity that your eyes naturally take, and because it also possibly can be read as "SALP."

Slap Low Calorie's flavour begins with a faint chemical sweetness that's nether to a thin layer of vanilla. The latter doesn't taste premium or creamy but rather shoal and banal. This section of the experience creates a Red Bull clone allusion, but there are two things that ultimately prevent it from wholly becoming one. The first is a feeble citrus taste, with an equally flaccid sourness and no tartness. Of the citrus, lemon and grapefruit were the fruits that I detected, and they're effete strength doesn't permit them much time to develop depth or authentication. The second is the trademark cooling sensation which begins initially torpid, but the effect burgeons into a distinctly noticeable characteristic. There was ginger taste subjacent to the citrus duo, but it lacked the usual vigor of the spice, and thanks to both the low saccharinity and the near masking property of the chilling semblance, the ginger tasted dull and boring. Overall, Slap Frost Low Calorie doesn't have an actual taste that's worth writing home about, with the only selfhood appearing in the form of the cooling artifice.

Frost Low Calorie continues the line's tradition of solid kicks. I had an average level of energy and was greeted by occasional jitters. The buzz lasted four or so hours and didn't result in a crash. Each can contains: caffeine(200mg), taurine, guarana, and a few B vitamins. Overall, despite having both a sufficient can and kick, I feel that Slap Frost Low Calorie's under-brewed and gimmicky taste isn't deserving of a recommendation or much praise.

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