Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

Let us ignore the fact that it has taken me years to finally review this, shall we? Red Bull Sugar Free's can is a mixed bag, but I'm largely unimpressed with it. While I do really enjoy the large nineteen.two ounce size, I don't get, nor do I like, the whole racing theme. Featuring faded images of two Red Bull race cars and who I'm assuming is one of the drivers, the once clean design now is in disarray with pointless visuals that do little more than distract. People tend to consider Red Bull as the premium brand of energy drinks, the Apple if you will, but with that and the retail price of $4.99 per can of this size in mind, I expected a more dignified, or at the very least a less shoddy, appearance.

Red Bull Sugar Free's flavour was obviously familiar. It begins with a sacchariferous apple taste reminiscent of the granny smith variety if only for its high sourness. This sourness is actually more pronounced than any flavour that precedes or proceeds it, and while it may be too arresting for some, it is easily the most vivid of the fluid. The sweetness is less syrupy than imitators often are, however it's extremely dull tasting and acutely synthetic on the tongue. The apple flavour is no more authentic than its surroundings, and subterranean to it is a bubble gum that tastes highly chemical and faintly of vanilla. Neither the latter nor the bubble gum have much intricacy or much verve, individually or as a dyad, which goes against the expectation that the pairing would create a sole and more singular flavour. Directly following the prior is an insipid bitterness that doesn't taste organic but rather chemically birthed, and this, along with the aforementioned artificial nectarous quality, leads to the uneventful finish of the experience. Overall, Red Bull Sugar Free's interminable taste was the result of both over exhaustion of the flavour and its large nineteen.two ounce can.

Each can contains: caffeine(192.5mg), taurine, inositol, and several B vitamins. This exceptionally pedestrian formulation provided me with a disappointing three and a half hour buzz. It was free of jitters or any subsequent crash, and while the kick wasn't by any real means weak, it was frustrating considering the can's abnormal size. All in all, while Red Bull will always be remembered for essentially kick starting the energy drink market, their venture into the land of no sugar is a failure in comparison to its competition, most of whom by now have expanded their offerings.

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