Thursday, January 20, 2011

X-Drinx Orange Rageous Energy Drink Review

X-Drinx Orange Rageous, according to my automatic spell checker, contains two misspelled words, both of which are purposely constructed in such a manner. The reasoning behind the improper wording is beyond me, and personally I find they're incorrectness to be difficult to type and to first learn. But enough focus on the name; let us move onto the rest of the bottle. Like in the previous X-Drinx review, I wholeheartedly enjoy the quality that's brought about by of the use of glass, although I may only have this appreciation because energy drinks scarcely come in such a medium.

Upon first sip it is evident that Orange Rageous doesn't have the same excellent caliber that I praised so much with the previous X-Drinx. It begins with a thin syrupy enamel that quickly cannibalizes the tongue, and the coating tastes highly of candied oranges. It's most closely alike the common navel variety, but it's hyper saccharine to the point of disgust. Distinct flavourings of both clementine and blood orange are noticeable within the sweet varnish, however they're not nearly as pronounced as the earlier citrus. There's then a proceeding faint creaminess that tastes richly of vanilla, and this accession creates a similar flavour to your typical store-bought orange creamsicle. Following the actual taste of the liquid, you are greeted by a bitterness that's slight and is reminiscent of unripened fruit, and accompanying its arrival is a sourness that tastes equally callow, however the experience benefits nothing from this organic raw characteristic. Nearing the aft, the sweetness becomes almost grainy to the taste, but the actual texture remains smooth and each sip swallows with great ease. Overall, my reaction to X-Drinx Orange Rageous's taste is split, as while it could be defined as a guilty pleasure, it was all too evident that the flavour was overly sweet and that the sugar glazing was unnecessarily present.

X-Drinx Orange didn't create much of a buzz, which was expected. I had no more than two hours of middling energy, and it ended with noticeable reduction of the aforementioned, which could qualify as a mild crash. Each can contains: caffeine, ginseng, and guarana. In the end, for its lack of redeemable aspects, I'd say that X-Drinx Orange Rageous wholly deserves to be a member of a discontinued line of energy drinks.

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