Thursday, January 6, 2011

Power Trip The Extreme Energy Drink Review

Well well, Power Trip, it certainly has been a while since we last met, which was all the way back in 2008 with the review of the Mango variety. Power Trip The Extreme's can is certainly better than that of the previous flavour, with a more appealing blue colour scheme, however it isn't with out its fair share of problems. First off, while I do like the lightning in the background, it really isn't all too noticeable, especially since the unneeded banner towards the bottom of the can is covering a good portion of it. I say that it's unneeded because it simply doesn't make all that much sense, as it isn't explained what they mean by "extreme" in any length on the can.

Power Trip The Extreme's taste begins initially of a dry gumminess that has a subtle layer of vanilla atop, but this vanilla has a unique organic property to it that excretes a rather raw bitterness that's mostly obscured by a strong fizzle of effervescent bubbles. As a result the flavour receives a sort of added degree of depth that ultimately is not immoderately great tasting. Directly following is a creamy richness that's fairly mild and short lived, but it too complicates the vanilla. A superficial sourness is slight but detectable once there after, and along with a faint incline of the dryness and bitterness, the experience ends and leaves an ephemeral gummy aftertaste. Throughout the flavour's duration, the carbonation remained entirely uniform, with only the most trivial of fluctuations. Being that the only actual flavour is vanilla, I appreciated all the details it adorned only because it consistently kept it from being too austere or trite. Overall, Power Trip The Extreme is essentially an oddly paced Red Bull clone, with most of the fixings appearing only in a non conventional order.

Like the past flavour, I felt surprising energized once I finished my last sip, and while its strength wasn't the strongest that I've come across, it did last a solid four plus hours. I had no jitters, but I did have a bit of a crash once it was all said and done. Each can contains: caffeine(220mg), taurine, inositol, vitamin C, and a variety of B vitamins. All in all, Power Trip The Extreme isn't as extreme as it led on to be, outside its august kick.

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