Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hydrive Grape Fusion Energy Drink Review

The colour purple really mends with the established Hydrive design. I like the multiple shades of the aforementioned, and they perfectly complement the mild usage of yellow throughout the bottle. I also like that the logo is conspicuous from the rather dark colour scheme, and the outlining of white to the thicker black text really adds to the overall optical splendor. I do not, however, like the whole recovery theme, and though the other variations all have a similar labeling, I find that this is the first bottle that suffers from it. And despite the myriad of different "formulas" giving each flavour some identity, I feel that just using the alleged taste is sufficient enough in differentiating one from another.

The flavour begins with a sacchariferous grape that's initially banal and tastes fairly diluted, but it rapidly becomes stronger and something more artificial, and I mean that in a good way. The saccharinity does an adequate job in presenting the grape in a manner that's reminiscent highly of the fruit but one that also disregards any authenticity thanks to the just prior. The sweetness is stronger and more grainy than what you'd expect from the line, and even though there's only six grams of sugar, the sugariness is pleasurably and convincingly genuine. The former has potential to cause an unpleasant sickly quality, but thankfully the absences of carbonation results in a fluid that sips with general ease. There's overall a low acidity and a mellow tartness that's only present in the stern of the grape, though what follows distracts, if not cloaks, the two from much notice. Melon and pear of the Red Bartlett variety surprisingly appear in the far rear of the flavour, with the melon being supine to the other fruit as well as being far less interesting and potent. The pear benefits largely from the almost unrefined lineament that the sweetness retains in that it gives it a sort of realistic texture, which in turn provides the liquid with an enjoyably factual attribute that's otherwise not demonstrated. All in all, Hydrive Grape Fusion has an impressively grape-centric taste that's a revivifyingly different from others in the line and others with a similar flavour indication.

Various B vitamins, taurine, caffeine(145mg), and vitamin E make up a majority of the "recovery" formula of Hydrive Grape. The buzz took a decent length of time to really become obvious, but I did feel fairly energized once it did appear. I had only a jitter on occasion and there was no crash. In the end, Hydrive Grape Fusion's overall quality is a bit more balanced than what I expected, and it's easily my favourite yet.

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