Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Max Velocity Cherry Limeade Energy Drink Review

I was more than surprised when I stumbled upon Max Velocity Cherry Limeade at my local Shaws Supermarket. The series of energy drinks is actually quite unique, for a store brand, as they have various flavours available, which is seldom seen with such lines. Cherry Limeade's can is coloured brightly of red, which I feel is a bit too similar to the original flavour's brownish crimson, at least at first glance. And the can to the right has other problems as well, most of which are encore offenders of the line. Text is obvious, with cliched statements like "with taurine" plaguing the otherwise simple design, which is another issue. The overall plainness of the can is prosaic and boring, and save for the ill-suited cheetah, there's no graphical envoy.

Colouring the liquid pink is a bit dismaying, especially since the can is such a bright red. Tastes of both a honeyed lime and cherry appear on the forefront of the flavour, and bewildering enough the degree of sweetness is mild and mostly non-syrupy. This, namely the former, doesn't work in the drink's favour, however, as with candied fruits there's an expected strength of saccharinity which helps make up for the flavours passive authenticity. The aforementioned cherry and lime, as previously suggested, are deficient in adducing an appropriate sour or tartness, and even worse there's a glaring absence of immersion; each sip passes with little conviction that the fluid is properly flavoured. The privation of a pronounced understanding of their respected inspirations is unfortunate, though, as the paucity of sugariness is fairly refreshing, which is a good way to describe the taste as a whole. Yet the experience isn't satisfying in the least bit- it's a strange sensation but one that occurs thanks to an ataxic mind during the erroneous formulation. There's no aftertaste and your palate is clean ensuingly, and while I did comment that there is a syrupy quality, it never became too noticeable or much of a problem. Overall, Max Velocity Cherry Limeade's flavour could be improved exorbitantly if the fruits became blunt along with an increased sweetness, but currently I cannot laud it nor could I enjoy it.

Cherry Limeade's kick is parallel to any previous Max Velocity(three or so hours of energy), though I'd rank the buzz received as one of the most jittery yet; I wouldn't call the jitters as strong, though, but they were more overt than expected. Each can contains: various B vitamins, taurine, and caffeine(155mg). Overall, despite being less than impressed I cannot say that I am disappointed with Max Velocity Cherry Limeade, but that's only because my expectations weren't high.

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