Thursday, April 14, 2011

Launch Spearmint Energy Gum Review

Enclosed in a container that's much similar to your typical energy drink can, Launch Spearmint certainly captures one's attention. Though an energy shot would feel more natural and appropriate in such an alembic, and despite the rather confusing proclaiming of being an "energy drink gum," the green cistern is mostly without flaws. Text is abundant, and the overuse of one singular colour is surely tiresome, but I find myself pleasuring the visual presence.

Inaugurally there's a slight bitterness that's either caused by the caffeine or the natural pungency of mint, but either way it's enjoyable and entirely appurtenant. The aboriginal bite into one of the small white disks is grainy and has a sort of a wax-like textured, but the former smooths greatly with subsequent chews, and the latter is fairly fleeting. The feel to the actual gum is of consistently decent quality, and it doesn't toughen after overexposure to your grinding teeth. The product's flavour is at first a deep spearmint that's cooling and refreshing, but sadly this initial robustness dissipates quickly. Your mouth retains a coating of the prior for an admiral duration of time, however it doesn't compare to the opening vigor. Overall, Launch Spearmint's flavour is nothing outstanding but it's nonetheless well designed, and each tablet of the two piece serving is genial.

The "can" doesn't specify the caffeine content, unfortunately, however the website does claim each serving contains 122.6mg of the white crystals. There's also several B vitamins present, in addition to some taurine and inositol. I had around an hour and a half of energy, though the buzz wasn't too strong. All in all, while Launch Spearmint Energy Gum doesn't break new grounds, it did break my rather low expectations.

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Anonymous said...

The can does specify that each piece of gum contains 63.1 mg of caffine

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