Monday, September 19, 2011

Monster M-3 Energy Drink Review

Monster M-3 is yet another imprudent extension put out by the company, one who's always trying to concoct the next big thing. But their releases are instead frequently redundant, if not pointless, and it doesn't feel as this variety is to escape that fate. Its bottle, on the other hand, is actually quite fascinating, with its glass fabrication and petite size really making it stand out amongst its peers. But only adding to the many examples of their temerarious decisions, the pry off only cap limits not only its mobility, but also itself to those old enough to have a bottle opener easily accessible.

Demonstrated is the recognized taste of a mucilaginous vanilla, who's entirely inept and moronically rudimentary. Wholly ignoring the former is the blunt depiction of a routine apple, who resembles a sort of prosaic pineapple if only for its sharpness. It lacks either a frank tart or sourness and really doesn't taste any bit natural like it should, and the fatiguing sweetness gives it an overpowering candied quality. It's thankfully an impressive sweetness, at least it is initially, being a mix of both real and artificial sugars, and it flaunts decent robustness thanks to the generous thirteen grams of sucrose and glucose. But it lamentably grows tiresome, with the slightly thickened fluid densely coating your mouth to the point of sheer excess. But what is positive throughout is the product's carbonation, which is done via nitrous, and it really smooths out each sip. This makes the bantam five ounces go down with incredible ease, even with all the former dissonance, but this single favourable characteristic isn't enough to give it even the slightest recommendation.

Each bottle contains: caffeine(160mg), taurine, ginseng, guarana, inositol, and a variety of B vitamins. There isn't much to say about the potency, with the three and a half hour kick being on par with just about any to be adorned by the trademark logo, but it was activated much quicker. Overall, Monster M-3's gimmick of being the middle ground between a shot and an actual drink isn't explained very well, thus it isn't exploited to its fullest potential. That's to say it has any potential.

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