Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kymera Freakish Energy Shot Review

Kymera Freakish Energy Shot is a unique product because you're able to purchase a bulk like quantity in a physical package not too unlike boxed wine. It contains 102 servings, and the recommended amount of one ounce is shown in the plastic bottle, which is sold alongside. The box has a lot of real estate to work with, and the art and text organization is visually enjoyable, but the corrugated cardboard container doesn't wholly explain what exactly potential costumers would be buying into. But this provokes natural curiosity, and they're sure to proceed with closer inspection, which is likely to answer their questions.

The lower right hand corner of the carton tells the truth, as there is some melon to taste, particularly watermelon, but also honeydew. They're both saccharine and while not cloyingly so, it is enough to candy the pair. Following is a censored cry of sapid tangerine, who is jovial but a bit too sweet. And this hyper sugariness does become a bit of an issue, with it vociferating an immediate astringent aftertaste if it's the least bit warm. There is a faint remark of cherry, as well as a bated exclamation of cranberry, and these dull declarations balance out and deepen the profile of the better defined citrus. The hushed dyad provides a slight tartness, the only to be found in the experience, which helps distract from the aforementioned pungent roar. Overall, Kymera Freakish Energy Shot's taste is a sort of interesting fruit punch that wouldn't be all too bad as a full sized drink.

Each ounce serving contains 162.5 milligrams of caffeine, an impressive amount for such a petite size. There are also a few B vitamins, as well as some other stuff, but I've already listed all I really care about. The kick lasts about three and a half hours, if not four, with no crash, but you should be weary of the possibility of slight jitters. In the end, Kymera Freakish Energy Shot's creative presentation leads to a consistently impressive product.

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Justin Troxell said...

Thanks for the great review. Kymera Freakish Energy is easily the most powerful energy shot on the market, and your readers should be aware that your review, as excellent as it was, was based upon a 1 oz serving size. A single ounce serving size provides a very nice boost. However, for those people looking to "Crush Fatigue" or to "Get Freaked" two ounces will provide the experience they are looking for. There is all the difference between Kymera Freakish Energy and other energy drinks as the serving size increases.


Justin Troxell
Founder, Kymera Nutrition

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