Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spider Widow Maker Energy Drink Review

Spider Widow Maker's near excessive use of purplish pink keeps it from hitting all the right notes. Sure, it looks great off of the grim blackness, and it's wholly appropriate with the eight legged critter theme, but there is a bit too much of it, with even the newly implemented "$.99" insignia being encircled in the colour. But at least things do not appear cluttered, with the design being as clean as it ever, even with several new textual additions.

The flavour uses a sort of pomegranate base that's topped off with acai, who isn't bothered with enough silly details to match either whole naturalness or complete candying. We're instead presented this sort of cross of the two, with it depicting great robustness while being ever still nectarous. But the four lettered fruit isn't absent of an indirect blueberry suggestion that's analogously stalwart but unequally exotic. The aforementioned foundation is detailed more consistently, with it never achieving authenticity but never attempting to do so. It too is melliferous and proud of it, and shows influences of both strawberry and blue raspberry. Both thrive within the empty carbohydrates, though the former particularly proliferates because of its inexpert simplicity. Overall, Spider Widow Maker's taste is successful because the saccharinity livens the fruits so you notice them and never the actual sweetness.

The ingredient cocktail is listed explicitly, with all the amounts of everything involved cleanly stated: caffeine(240mg), taurine, various B vitamins, guarana, L-carnitine, and ginseng. The buzz lasted a tad longer than four hours, and it did call for some jitters. All in all, Widow Maker is a pleasing and logical extension of the line.

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