Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big RedJak Energy Drink Review

Big RedJak used to come in a much different can, and while the original design certainly had its creativity, the elegance and sophistication of it currently is certainly more enjoyable. Unlike many there isn't any juvenile humour, but perhaps better yet is how it doesn't attempt to appear hardcore, or strive to fit in with an intimidating name or design. It's sleek and knows it, and knows people will pleasure this refreshing change of pace.

Big RedJak's taste is rather unexpected, considering its name contains the cliche word "red." It's initially heavy laden with blue raspberry, one that's noticed throughout each sip for its entire duration, and the flavour is much like how it's always represented; simple, sweet, and sour. And while the latter two are both acutely delineated, the sourness is particularly penetrating, which unlike sweetness is not something we're used to experiencing. The acerbity is almost, if not already, overpowering, with it obscuring not only the aforementioned flavour but also any subsequent, namely the mild tastes of red raspberry and vanilla. The first seems to coyly deepen the general berry sapor, however indistinct it may actually be, and the second appears to publish a pittance of cream that's appreciated by the acidulousness. Overall, Big RedJak doesn't taste as good as it should, even if it isn't all that bad.

Each can contains: caffeine(164mg), inositol, a few B vitamins, taurine, and ginseng. The three hour buzz wasn't anything special, but there was the pleasing absence of jitters or following crash. All in all, Big RedJak doesn't ever offend, but it never really impresses either.

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