Monday, October 17, 2011

Jump Coffee Cola Energy Drink Review

Jump Coffee Cola's name helps to make one unique first impression, but let's talk about the can for now. Its is reminiscent of awake good morning energy, at least in the way of colours, and it's equally as boring, which is unfortunate considering all the peculiar potential it has. It should symbolize both coffee and cola, neither of which though are detailed here, at least not extensively.

It's carbonated like any soda, but it reeks like the breath of a Starbucks employee. I'm surely cautious when I approach taking my first sip, and thankfully I was, as the combination requires some getting used to. It honestly doesn't dabble much into the veins of an actual cola, with only the effervescence really ever reminding you of its supposed presence. What is notably present is the taste of coffee, and though its flavour is watery and bland, there's soon the violent birthing of creamy vanilla and the subsequent finish of subdued bitterness. Artificial sugars mostly numb the latter, but its vagueness is completely required to give the experience believability. The saccharinity is also kind to the vanilla, who is especially pleased by the generosity and thusly is synthetically but ever so sweetly creamy. The ingredients do not list actual coffee extract, so we're left to assume it's done through the "natural and artificial flavours," and especially in that regard is Jump Coffee Cola worth drinking.

Each can contains only caffeine, several B vitamins, and vitamin C. Understandably the kick was less than two hours long, with neither jitters or a crash being noticed. All in all, Jump Coffee Cola is undoubtedly original through the distinct unification of the two flavours, and though it's not free of any problems, I'm satisfied with the fifty cents I paid.


brian said...

sounds like a drink i gotta try. i love coffee and a mix of that flavor with cola is always great.

Philip Michael said...

I got it a Ocean State Job Lots, a chain of discount stores, so I'd reckon they're your best bet.

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