Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ed Hardy Caffeinated Chocolate Rocks Review

Ed Hardy Caffeinated Chocolate Rocks' box, though sporting some large text, is superb looking, with the stylish dog and easy flowing organization being the two greatest examples. I do truly appreciate how they kept things entirely clean with the absence of anything distracting, however using the word "Rocks" has the potential for confusing potential costumers.

Out fall two or three imperfect rounds of the cocoa confection, and by fall I mean into my mouth. I am displeased, however, to note of a bitter undercurrent that's of equal strength of the actual flavour. This thankfully lasts only briefly and concerns only the first few you eat, but once you stop stuffing your mouth full of them, it returns in the form of an aftertaste. But for now, you can simply taste the chocolate, but once you bite through the thin candy coating you're exposed to a rather pedestrian semisweet variety of the such. Each chew yields a slight grainy texture, who's slightness only aids in the classification as a low grade chocolate. Normally I'm a big advocate for darker, thus less sweet, varieties of the oft brown treat, but with 600 milligrams of the caffeine good stuff, one really does wish for far more saccharinity to counter all the inherit bitterness. But all the former didn't seem to dissuade me from consuming the whole box, all in one sitting, but punishment for my gluttony was dished out in the form of the aforementioned aftertaste, which chokes the palate with the expected. And in the end, I sure do hate when something leaves such a bad taste in my mouth.

I already stated how much caffeine are in these bad(tasting) boys, and you better believe they're powerful stuff. The entire box provides a five to six hour buzz, if not longer, though you'd better pace yourself or you risk getting a pace maker. Overall, Ed Hardy Caffeinated Chocolate Rocks is an unbalanced experiment in creativity.

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