Friday, October 21, 2011

Rhino's Energy Drink Review

Grammatically speaking, this is the rhino's own energy drink and not simply one named after the thick skinned herbivore. It's also quite obvious, if not overly so, as to what inspired the design here, as everything from the diminutive can to the large creature mascot has been done countless times before. Everything is so blatant, and feels as if this is one of those drinks that was released right as and just because Red Bull grew wings and flew off the shelves.

We all know what we're getting into when we crack open a can that's so brazenly unoriginal, and we taste all the predictable staples we have experienced so many times before. There's the taste of sour apples, however not a very blunt flavour and it doesn't really ever press hard for you to notice it. There's a varying presence of vanilla for our tongue to exhaustively play with, but there's a complete lack of anything gummy or medicinal, both of which are pleasant and relieving vacancies. Another positive is how the sugars sweeten without ever becoming syrupy or thick, and the twenty seven grams do not ever candy the aforesaid fruit. As a result each sip is smooth and swift, but is all the more painfully stereotypical.

This Austrian made drink doesn't contain much, other than caffeine, inositol, taurine, and a few B vitamins, and the kick was weak, lasing two hours if even. Overall, several species of rhino are endangered, and let's hope rhino's Energy Drink is the next to become extinct.

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