Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monster Rehab Green Tea Energy Drink Review

For immediate connection to the popular tea, the change from yellow to green is as visually appealing a decision as it is a logical one. Things work really quite well, and this is easily one of the company's strongest colour schemes yet. It's understandably based on the original Rehab's can and it is equally busy, but thankfully everything is controlled and kept fairly organized.

Though it has top(or should I say bottom) billing on the can, the actual flavour is less focused on green tea than it is pineapple. It achieves decent authenticity thanks to it actually containing juice, though it isn't nearly as sweet or sharp as one may expect. It instead executes this genuineness by the faint textural attendance of pulp and by its realistic sourness. It also helps that there's additionally apple juice present, and although it's likely involved for economic and bulking reasons, their intensely comparable tastes are just different enough that the general flavour depicts comfortable dimension. The mildly censored tastes of black and the aforementioned tea subsequently arise, but thankfully a bit too late in the experience for one to acutely notice. The drink finishes with a thin slippery film that does wash away quickly, and while it is ever so unsavoury, things are otherwise rather enjoyable.

Each can contains: caffeine, various B vitamins, inositol, taurine, and vitamin C. This cocktail provided a standard three hour kick that didn't noticeably hydrate me, though it's difficult to know how one is supposed to determine that. In the end, Monster Rehab Green Tea is one of the better varieties in a line that so obviously doesn't have high quality standards.

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Anonymous said...

I purchased all 3 new flavors today, and I have to say Green Tea is not what I expected at all it's really good, ProTEAn on the other hand was personally a disappointment in my opinion and the can beats the flavor. Rojo is my fav of the new 3

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