Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Arizona RX Energy Shot Review

Arizona RX Energy Shot thankfully resembles the company's flagship products, but it feels more like it was inspired by rather than being a simple condensing of them. This allows the design to be quickly identified by fans of the line, though that isn't to say that it is problem free. It's mainly the cluttering at the bottom, with the true but trite statements congesting the otherwise cleanly organized bottle. Also, utilizing the term "fast shot" is confusing, especially since it follows a clearer word, and it doesn't seem as if it was at all required.

The smoothness of Arizona RX was very surprising, and this fluidity is admiringly retained throughout. The actual flavour initially mimics lemon laudably, with a slight sourness that runs subjacently. Additionally there's a minor tartness that is on display, and while it isn't fundamentally necessitated by or with the little yellow fruit, it indirectly elaborates further upon the depth of it as well as partially polishing it. But expectedly, the taste of the employed green tea rears onto the palate, however it's pleasantly mild and braids terrifically with the citrus. The tea's natural flavour gives the entire experience a grounded sense of realism without tacking on any sort of bitter or disagreeableness, and it doesn't feel secondary to the subsistence of the lemon. Sugar, honey, and sucralose are all embraced, and the first two are enough to instill believability as well as mask any undesired taste from the latter, who is bestowed to further the sweetening. Overall, Arizona RX's pleasing simplicity renders it focused and wonderful to drink.

Each bottle contains: various B vitamins, taurine, guarana, ginseng, and an undisclosed amount of caffeine. The felt buzz was two or so hours of length, and was both jitter and crash free. In the end and for an energy shot, the dollar to purchase Arizona RX Shot was a dollar well spent, given how the quality was spread rather evenly up until the kick.

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