Thursday, October 27, 2011

Talon Energy Cola Review

Talon Energy Cola is red because of Coke, thanks to the years it spent cementing the colour with the flavour until the two where completely complementary. Thankfully though, the can actually looks quite good even with this sort of arranged marriage. There's surely much going on, but there's a grand sense of fluidity, and nothing seems to halt your eyes from moving about softly.

Each sip tastes instantly familiar but is at the same time ever so refined, as the body resembles one that has been shaped and influenced by every pure cola that has ever preceded it. There's a trilogy of citruses to taste, a muddled blend unfortunately, but the otherwise earthy extracts of orange, lime, and lemon, help broaden the central taste. Vanilla is the biggie here, and it's spiked lightly by the appropriate taste of cinnamon. The former is creamy somewhat but nevertheless adequately, and both spices detail all the robustness they should naturally. Both lay upon a complex underground of ginger and cloves, a subterranean braid that raises the mild intensity of the fragrant seasonings. Sweetness is key with this soda species, but there are no concerns here with the delightfully robust yet reserved sugaring that establishes everything desired and required, and succeeding is a roughing of carbonation, one that's pleasingly stern but rightfully so. Overall, Talon Cola's taste is far from the best, or even the most unique, but it achieves praise due to how it remains unremittingly exclusive to its genre.

The kick approximately lasted three hours, thanks to an energy cocktail of: taurine, caffeine(160mg), ginseng, guarana, various B vitamins, and inositol. All in all, Talon Energy Cola is a welcome addition to both the line and energy colas in general, even with its imperfections.

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