Thursday, October 13, 2011

Team Realtree White Buck Energy Drink Review

Team Realtree White Buck is my favourite of the line, at least from a visual standpoint. The snow camouflage influence is strong but thankfully not all too bad looking, with it differentiating greatly from other drinks. I must criticize the name "White Buck," however, as it really doesn't make a lot sense(but then again neither does the rest of it, at least initially). It's clearly present to signify a flavour, but unlike Blaze Orange, it's far too ambiguous to know without opening the can. Sure, it's likely to be vanilla, but it should be far more clear considering this is not the lines' only flavour.

I was right when I assumed the presence of vanilla, however here it's joined by all the workings of a second rate Red Bull clone. It's softly carbonated, which gives it an appreciated smoothness, and one of the few positives overall is how everything else involved respects this. There is a whole lot of sour apple being played with, battered around til it completely coats the mouth with it's stereotypical gumminess. It's also quite sweet, but it's the sickeningly relentless kind that dually bores and overwhelms our liking for sugariness. Expectedly the fruit isn't natural tasting, and at a time where freshly picked apples are so prevalent in my area, the artificiality is especially glaring. The aforementioned vanilla, however, isn't such an inorganic flavour, but this doesn't really matter considering its feeble strength compared to the autumn harvest. In the end, Team Realtree White Buck's taste is astonishingly pedestrian, and this is ever more unfortunate because it briefly showed promise of a rather good one.

Each can contains only caffeine, taurine, and a few B vitamins. I had a bit less than three hours of energy, with occasional jitters and no crash. Overall, Team Realtree White Buck's albino resealable can is cool, I guess, but that's about the only praise you're gonna get from me.

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