Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Red Thunder Energy Shot Review

I'm surprised to find myself liking Red Thunder Energy Shot's bottle. Compared to the past eight ounce variety that had used the same design, I can't denounce its small size, with two ounces being the usual here, although the name is ever still uninspired. But things must otherwise be tickling my fancy, because I'm willing to ignore the former and enjoy the capsule for what it is, and at times even more.

The label doesn't lie, with Red Thunder Energy Shot truly tasting of berry. It's consistently silky smooth and is wholly absent of any bitterness or even anything remotely caustic. Instead each sip advertises a great, albeit simple, cocktail of blueberry, raspberry, and grape, that's soured just under the point of puckering. Done through a blend of sucralose and ace-k, the sugariness is respectful of the fruits and how far their natural sweetness extends, and never does it lead onto that it's artificial, even if the flavours themselves do taste so. The three are equal in strength and are layered respectively, and although they don't demonstrate any honest authenticity, it's acceptable here as everything else is crafted so carefully and successfully. I'm not lauding this as the greatest tasting shot, though, but I am acclaiming the surprisingly balanced flavour that tries to give generic energy products a good name.

Each bottle contains: caffeine, taurine, various B vitamins, and guarana. It's a rather typical formulation for such a product, and thus the kick was also typical, and I had energy for perhaps two hours with no jitters or subsequent crash. All in all, Red Thunder Energy Shot is better than its eight ounce relative in every way possible.

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Anonymous said...

I don't have the nose to have your sense of taste, but I agree that this is a very nice energy shot.
A nice clean boost to clear away the sleepy cobwebs, without any stomach upset or jitters.

This is the ONLY energy shot I would make a 100 mile trip to buy a supply.

I live in an area without Aldi's and can not find a place to buy it on-line.

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