Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ed Hardy Pomegranate Energy Sticks Review

The box pictured contains three Ed Hardy Pomegranate Energy Sticks, each of which contain eighty milligrams of caffeine. It's named after the famed tattoo artist, and so the visuals are expectantly great, bordering outstanding. It pronounces energy strongly without falling into cliche, outside the presence of animals, and for all its uniqueness it's worth forgiving the textual busyness.

Each sachet dispenses numerous coarse crumbs that are soft to the tongue but firm to the tooth. They taste of pomegranate, an initially successful flavour that's sweetened properly and has a slight sourness as well as a note of tartness. Both give the otherwise basic flavour some appreciated depth, though it remains nothing particularly impressive, and while the flavour won't be winning any awards, it's able to mask the bitterness of the caffeine with no following aftertaste. The saccharinity isn't exactly naturally derived, with it using sugar alcohol erythritol, but thankfully it doesn't explicitly taste so, as while there obviously isn't any real sugar, it functions ably enough that you don't ever notice so. Overall, Ed Hardy Pomegranate's flavour is decent, but becomes frustratingly boring after your first packet.

One pouch really only has eighty milligrams of caffeine and some B vitamins, which gives up to a two hour buzz. Another serving increases the kick to three plus hours in length, and yet another stirs up an hour more atop of that. In the end, Ed Hardy Pomegranate Energy Sticks' weakest element is its taste, which is unfortunate considering you must suffer through it to experience all the potency the product offers.

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