Friday, October 7, 2011

Relentless Fire Energy Drink Review

Relentless Fire's can is one of the most distinct on Big Lots' shelves, even if it struggles to emerge from its own clutter. The font is ever still difficult to read, and the myriad of text continues to distract from the otherwise elegant design. The supposed flavour is orange, if you look to the top of the can, but the bottom declares this as the "fire" variety, and so while flames are often the same colour as the fruit, it's both confusing and unnecessary for both mentions.

The first sip surprised me, however not in a breathtaking fashion, as while there definitely is much orange flavour to discuss, things are consistently tart and coarsely powdered. The fruit, which one could argue is more of a tangerine, initially displays no sense of artificiality, with it tasting only naturally sweet and indirectly robust to the tongue. Following is a steady increase of sweetness, a loose grain sugariness that smoothly but suddenly instills both a textural personality and a subsequent nectarous quality. And while the citrus is now greatly honeyed, it carries over its former authenticity and now is just a highly sweetened genuine flavour and not an imitation candy taste. But we do have to mention that the overall saccharinity, while it does a generally admiral job at its job, does leave behind a sticky syrupiness that's mild but continually cloying. It is not entirely detrimental to the experience, but it take my praise down a few notches.

Each can contains: caffeine(197mg), taurine, various B vitamins, inositol, and guarana. The cocktail provided four hours of energy, a kick that didn't provide any jitters. Overall, Relentless Fire doesn't break ground, but it's worth more than the seventy cents I paid.

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