Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hydrive Blue Raspberry Energy Drink Review

Radiant blue colouring that doesn't entirely blur the fluid, Hydrive Blue Raspberry, also called S Formula, comes in a visually pleasant container. The darker hue of the aforementioned colour meshes well with both it and the occasionally used yellow, and the latter two really give the normally boring graphic, that houses the logo, some excitement and vibrancy.

Hydrive Blue Raspberry begins overtly sweet, but thankfully the flavour calls for and works well with the high sugariness. Initially bland, the liquid quickly becomes promptly tinted of the alleged flavour, and this complexion soon intensifies to a positive level. The saccharinity is lessened slightly with the introduction of the prior, but as the addition grows expeditiously, it births a distinct grainy characteristic. The blue raspberry is more candied than many previous fruits within the line have been, however the flavour still retains a decent degree of authenticity. Tartness, along with the oft mentioned sweetness, breath natural distinguishing into the raspberry, but with the unrefined texture following in sequence, the fruit gradually resembles cotton candy that's flavoured by the namesake taste. The latter section of the experience resists much depth and is wholly simple and one dimensional, however it's acceptable considering how cotton candy is on its own. Overall, with a flavour that cleanly and cleverly combined both authentic and honeyed tastes, Hydrive Blue Raspberry is an extremely enjoyable extension of an already enjoyable line.

The kick lasted two and a half hours, and there wasn't jitters felt during such time nor was their a subsequent crash. Each bottle contains: caffeine(145mg), taurine, ginkgo, L-carnitine, and several B vitamins. All in all, Hydrive Blue Raspberry does as much right as any within the line before it, but I'd personally rank this variety up with the best the company has put out.

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