Monday, October 3, 2011

xenergy Fruit Punch Energy Drink Review

This limited edition can isn't my favourite, with the fighter diminishing the actual logo of the line. It ends up feeling like he's the focus of the can, when in reality it's just an existing design that's been modified to fit around him. Thankfully though it utilizes black as its main colour, and fortunately everything isn't cluttered, but now I'm just scraping for any positives to save from the criticized.

There's a lot to like with each sip, with an outlining of tangerine and a filling of both cherry and cranberry. Each billow with their own distinct tartness, and the latter two also each disembogue a slight subjacent sourness. The two characteristics are potent but describe only their accompanied fruits, rather than aggregating and defining the general experience as one with no varying depth. Obscured advertisements of green grape and lime are tasted outside the the prior trilogy, but they're respectful and respected, and both add even more tartness to play with. The sweetness is done well, tasting robust and properly honeying each fruit respectively, but you will never mistake this as honestly sugared. Overall, xenergy Fruit Punch is the best sugar free take on the flavour genre I've had in years.

Each can contains: caffeine, taurine, guarana, ginseng, and inositol. The energy blend is basic but productive, creating a four hour long buzz that's free of jitters. In the end, xenergy Fruit Punch does the line proud even if it doesn't do anything new.

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