Saturday, October 1, 2011

FMF Citrus Lemonade Energy Drink Review

I enjoy the preference of yellow on the can to FMF Citrus Lemonade, opposed to the heavy likening of red of the previous variety, and though the difference doesn't result in me falling in love with the can, it certainly does standout more. And consistent with the former flavour, there isn't any enthusiasm about it being an energy drink, and it feels almost content with being rather boring.

The ice cold drink is flatly carbonated and wholly apathetic to the tongue. The redundant billing as "Citrus Lemonade" is true, with large declarations of orange and lemon, and humble mentions of guava, grapefruit, and mango. The latter three do not taste as exotic as they should, however all ignore the depth of the fruits they're based off of, but it's particularly unfortunate that the lemon isn't soured properly, considering it makes up a majority of the overall flavour. The orange hints towards resembling tangerine at times, though it never authentically resembles either. But most deplorable of all is the same subsequent bitterness found in the line's earlier variation. The sweetness isn't able to distract from this, nor is it really able to sugar the fruits properly, and although it really isn't a caustic or profound unpleasantness, it's the final nail in the flavour's coffin.

Each can contains: 240 milligrams of caffeine, green tea, ginseng, and vitamins B and C. The cocktail created a solid four hour buzz, and is easily the best aspect of the product. Overall, FMF Citrus Lemonade is a thorough improvement that still ends up being terrible.

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