Friday, November 18, 2011

Red Thunder Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

There's not much to comment on Red Thunder Sugar Free's can, with its small stature and painful unoriginality. Both are commonly anticipated by the worse of the worse, so there isn't any disappointment here, and by being store brand it's almost mandatory to be such a blatant copy. Other than that, however, there really isn't much to criticize, though don't expected me to start with the praising until there's another redesign.

What we have today isn't all too bad, how ever often we've previously experienced it. There's a solid sweetness that properly sugars a dominating apple taste, who subsequently becomes greatly soured. The latter gains grand momentum as the sips continue, and though it never climaxes at an unpleasant strength, you do resultantly identify it as an integral part of the general flavour, and not just a simple characteristic. The now harvested fruit isn't defined honestly here, and instead we're greeted by an artificial resemblance, but everything works well with it being so synthetic to the tongue. The absolute absence of anything chemical, vanillin, or gummy, is pleasingly different from others with similar tastes, which does give Red Thunder Sugar Free somewhat of an individuality.

The hour and a half long buzz was wholly expected, and understandable with such a trite energy cocktail: caffeine, inositol, various B vitamins, and taurine. Overall, for being so derivative, Red Thunder Sugar Free isn't all that bad.

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