Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ed Hardy Caffeinated Coffee Rocks Review

Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks' box looks just as good as did its Chocolate brother, though I do greatly prefer the black background over the brown. Otherwise, spare some text changes, the two aren't any different, but then again why should they of tried to fix something that wasn't broken?

The strong natural and artificial coffee flavour is staggering at first bite, with the sharpness and bitterness of any budget candy coated espresso bean. A crunchy shell disguises a solid core of semisweet chocolate, but the sixty percent cocoa is itself far too bitter to play well with that of the added coffee taste, as each rock, if you will, ends up publicizing no fair sweetness or fattiness. Though there are ten grams of fat, and twenty one grams of sugar, making it the first ingredient, the burnt pungency the experience so unwittingly sponsors is still predominate, and voids either of the former from alleviating even slightly from it. I will admit, though, that as you force yourself to continue eating, the individual pieces eventually become somewhat tolerable, about half way through the box, but even then they weren't pleasant enough to willingly finish what you started. Wholly do I feel that milk, or some sort of hyper saccharine chocolate, was required to ease the biting astringency.

Yes, it's possible to get a full six or so hour buzz from Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks, with it containing 600 milligrams of caffeine. The catch is, however, that you must eat the entire box. In the end, it doesn't matter how potent your product may be if the consumer can't even, or can barely, eat their way there.

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