Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Roaring Lion Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

Roaring Lion Sugar Free is a proud Red Bull clone, perhaps a bit too happy though, with the company claiming that one can't detect and flavour difference between this and the popular drink. But while taste is purely subjective, I'm sure we'll all agree that its can isn't too good looking, with the baby blue not at all working with the uninspired illustration.

Being modeled after an entirely boring flavour means you too will taste ordinary. There's the familiar taste of apples, something of a tart variety with plenty of fake sweetness, and compared to its inspiration it is far more noticeably animated. The tree that bore the fruit is hollow and resembles the usual vanillin flavour, with its roots tasting decidedly medicinal and lounging in bubble gum tainted soil. Sourness runs strongly throughout the barked plant, and everything is resultantly influenced by the acidic characteristic. And while the integral parts of the experience, and their organization, do mimic that of which is relentlessly copied, Roaring Lion Sugar Free is a lively reimagining of the dull taste of Red Bull Sugar Free.

Each can contains: caffeine(112mg), taurine, inositol, and a slew of B vitamins. It kicks like any other drink you've had, namely a certain one, and it lasted two plus hours. All in all, Roaring Lion Sugar Free is a total and complete Red Bull clone, something the company is probably honored to be called.

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