Thursday, November 24, 2011

Speed Unleaded Energy Drink Review

I couldn't find a turkey flavoured energy drink, so it looks like we'll have to settle with Speed Unleaded. What is surprising, however, or perhaps because I'm inattentive, that this is actually the line's lone sugar free variety, one that doesn't sport the typical baby blue colour. There isn't even the common clutter that redundantly tells us its liking for the artificial sugars, something that is ends up being a sort of double edged positive, I guess.

Things don't taste quite right when you take your first sip, and any subsequent confirms the unfortunate potential that this flavour is in fact intentional. It's a dry experience, in other words it's mostly unsweetened, and this is hugely detrimental to the authenticity and to the pleasure that the fruits withhold and provide. The actual flavour is quite complex, needlessly so though, and the intense absence of anything saccharine censors their idiosyncrasies and clumps the identities into a one hump camel. Grapefruit and raspberry are the key players, and they're bulked and diluted by the taste of a suppressed lemon and by that of a mute strawberry. Both of the latter are rather powdery and slightly tart, however, these traits do not carry over into properly adhering to the two predominate, and instead they're glaringly incompatible and thusly distracting. But that's a good thing, as at least you have something to keep you from ever lamenting the shoddy saccharinity.

Each can contains: taurine, guarana, inositol, ginseng, various B vitamins, and an undisclosed amount of caffeine. Things lasted only about two hours long, the kick that is, and while low potency was a previous variety's biggest drawback, it seems that Speed Unleaded is just all around bad.

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