Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mr Energy Eight Hour Energy Shot Review

Eight hours is a big claim for such a petite little drink, and one is especially skeptical considering it doesn't disclaim the exact caffeine content, a big no-no in today's world. But my whiny complaints don't stop there, because as our eyes continue about the bottle, they immediately lose focus and are lost within the myriad of text, most of it absolutely useless.

Obviously a bit too tamper resistant, I struggled for a few minutes trying to pry off the cap. From then on I was actually sort of rewarded for my efforts, as while the experience isn't groundbreaking, it was at least palatable. The ingredients list various berry extracts, however they didn't seem to have done much, as the flavour is watery, bland to a great extent, though it is still capable of cloaking most of any feared bitter or expected harshness. The two still rear their ugly heads in on occasion, and sometimes it's more noticeable than others, but things are generally smooth and often passable. Overall, "number one in taste" may be a lie, but it's certainly not the complete opposite of the truth.

Each shot contains: caffeine, many B vitamins, and a whole slew of herbal extracts and stuff that haven't ever really been proven to give energy. But the blend was still rather potent, rocking me with a buzz lasting a few strong hours. Overall, Mr Energy Eight Hour Energy is stupidly named and hopelessly cluttered, but its drinkable taste and better kick round things out a bit.

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