Thursday, March 29, 2012

Starbucks Refreshers Orange Melon Energy Drink Review

Other than the rather unique alleged flavour of orange melon, this Starbucks Refreshers variety makes a boring introduction. The colour palate is a tad too light, and with many redundant or useless lines of text, the can does not know when to shut up.

Orange and melon are both obviously players in the game that is this Starbucks Refresher, an experience that takes time growing on you. There are notes of peach and mango, perhaps even a touch of apple, the two former surprising considering that it contains only juice from the namesake and the latter. Its quarter percentage calls for impressive authenticity across the board, however the sugar substitutes cannot seem to simply sweeten without jinxing their honesty a bit. Fortunately, the saccharinity is able to honey the flavours more so than they did the previous variety, something these fruits naturally demand. The carbonation is rough like any sparkling beverage, which furthers its personality and is more of a positive than it may sound.

With only fifty milligrams of caffeine, B vitamins and ginseng, there is not much of a kick. Its potency was sheepish, and it lasted well under an hour, though without jitters or following crash. In the end, Starbucks Refreshers Orange Melon does taste better than Raspberry Pomegranate, but that was not one of the improvements it need to make.

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Strawberry said...

How did you determine the amount of caffeine? Its not on the can.

Anonymous said...

Tastes like ass salad

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