Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Knockout One Two Punch Energy Drink Review

With a new flavour comes the addition of fists patterned in the background, with the logo and the large paw fortunately stand out amongst the inclusion. The opaque white mitts do not mesh well with its Monster likeness however, but it looks decent enough for something only a buck ("plus tax to the man").

There have been better tasting energy punches before, but Knockout's attempt is not all bad. Actually, it is quite good despite being a rather stock flavour, with all the strong sour cherry and passion fruit notes expected. There are some mild referrals to pineapple and guava coming in more explicitly towards the end, in addition to brief citations of lime and tangerine. There is nothing new with One Two Punch, but it is a smooth experience that is okay with its own humbleness.

Lasting two plus hours, the kick lasts nothing over two and a half hours. Each can contains: caffeine (160mg), B vitamins, and taurine. Overall, Knockout One Two Punch is a fairly enjoyable budget beverage that plays it all too safe.

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure what you consider a great energy drink, but I found out last year that Knockout's punch is the best I've ever had. The taste is just unbeatable. And the energy is just the right fit. I don't get panic like I do with some of the other ones. So, I grab one before I go in for work almost every day now since. They are a bit easier to find now too!

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