Friday, June 1, 2012

Talon Original Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

Many drinks have a beast basing, or are at least influenced by a certain Monster (pun intended), however "Talon" sounds a world better than naming it after the actual clawed creature. The yellow is an original colour for something either called that or is sugar free, and although blank aluminum is rarely appealing, it works well enough with the blazing black bird.

The flavour is far more original than what the industry feels is the "original" energy drink taste, but it is not an entirely unique one either. The tart experience majored in pineapple and minored in guava and grapefruit, taking some classes about melon and lemon. It is a just weaving of produce, seemingly incomplex on the tongue but yielding a great deal of depth. It has a salient sweetness despite being artificial and only gets stronger, however your last sip boarders on being too saccharine. It is a good tasting alternative to the sugared version, more balanced this time around and a lot easier on the waist.

The buzz lasted three hours, equal to its sugared surrogate but with some slight jitters surprisingly. Each can contains: caffeine (174mg), ginseng, taurine, guarana, B vitamins, and inositol. On the whole, Talon Sugar Free Original is a bit unmemorable, with a flavour often exampled and a can and kick that do not push the boundaries.

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