Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big Jak Orange Energy Drink Review

Originally known as "Red Jak," the line has since been reintroduced as "Big Jak" probably in an attempt to distinguish it from other colour named drinks. Common years ago, they just sound stupid and uncreative now a days, and limit how many varieties they can offer. Big Jak Orange is easy on the eyes and successfully feels sophisticated, however their attempt does not exactly allow for much personality.

The flavour is an unexpectedly unrelenting orange, thickly sugary and mildly sour but with no depth or complexity to the citrus. It is an unusual concentrate of simplicity, piercingly potent but yet somehow never unpleasantly fruity. The saccharinity is similarly strong; far from cloying or syrupy or just being too sweet. It is a vibrant experience, and its shocking strength partially excuses its lack of actual identity and uncomplicatedness.

There is a decent amount of energy from this one, lasting three hours without jitters or a crash. Each can contains: caffeine (164mg), taurine, ginseng, inositol, B vitamins among others. Overall, there are better looking, tasting, and more powerful drink at Big Lots for less than the seventy cents of Big Jak Orange.

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