Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Golazo Mango-Limon Energy Drink Review

Golazo is not a bad looking drink, clean and quite easy to read. The generic goalie gent gesturing north is a bit unnecessary though, as the soccer theme is already laid on thickly, and being a stock character feels like a wasted opportunity for celebrity player endorsement.

Just barely carbonated, Golazo pours out tinted of brown but is otherwise clear. Its taste is unexpectedly sharp, both namesake fruits bursting through with a slight herbal bitterness with a somewhat grainy sweetness. Tangerine and guava also chisel into each sip, albeit hardly and really only offering some ignorable depth rather than contributing to the overarching flavour. All share a common tartness, itself peppy and adapting well enough to the individual fruits that it never feels inappropriately effete or forceful. Overall, it is a citrus punch that is an easy twelve ounces to down.

Each can contains: caffeine (100mg), guarana, yerba mate, and D-ribose. This particular blend can only kick so strongly, here lasting two hours with no crash. In the end, Golazo Mango Lime is one of the best and few soccer energy drinks I have had.

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