Thursday, June 7, 2012

XS Cranberry-Grape Blast Energy Drink Review

The darker purple in the middle is more appropriate than the lighter shade towards the ends, but the logo bursts off of the colour regardless. The "Caffeine Free" version is unfortunately not as mildly attractive, lacking the shine and adopting not only even lighter shades but also ugly strips of yellow, but suffering the most from its small eight ounce can.

The gross scent of grape cough medicine escapes from the can, and although the flavour is an improvement, the first sip is not particularly enjoyable. There is not much of the alleged cranberry, unwisely focusing only on grape and is groundlessly viscid with some rough carbonation. The taste does eventually gather adequate dimension, not endless but as much as any other such drink. The "Caffeine Free" alternative tastes less potent and partially diluted, but is otherwise identical enough to the regular version. The sweetness for both is impressively synthetic and honeys the purple fruit strongly, if not a bit too strongly. Overall, whether it has caffeine or not, this XS variety is below average.

Each twelve once can contains: caffeine (124.5mg), taurine, ginseng, B vitamins, and other herbs. The buzz lasted two hours and did not result in a crash. The decaffeinated version preformed even worse, as energy drinks really need the stimulant to provide any sort of kick. In the end, XS Cranberry-Grape lacks the major payoff needed to forgive the myriad of problems.

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