Saturday, June 9, 2012

Killer Buzz Dragon Spit Energy Drink Review

Dragon Spit, despite its creative name and the persistently mirthful paragraph on the back, is a bit rough on the eyes. The yellowish gold just does not bode well with either the black or the silver, a distinguishing colour who's uniqueness is inauspiciously misused.

This Killer Buzz is a bubbly concoction of various tropical tastes; all very sweet, mild, and powdery. The most obvious is dragon fruit, however both mango and guava appear in near equal strength, with intricate suggestions of pear, mandarin orange, and lime. Everything individual is enjoyable though cumbersomely presented, a beclouded exercise where everything is given at once with nothing evolving as time progresses. The sweetness is initially pleasant though uncharacteristically robust, however as sips are taken it thickens and nears becoming cloying. Overall, the experience is unfocused and cluttered, but never rotten or a chore to drink

Each can contains: caffeine (200mg), various B vitamins, taurine, and a crazy seventeen amino acids. The buzz lasted four hours, introducing some slight jitters. All in all, the intimidating little dragon fruit has been represented better elsewhere.

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