Monday, June 11, 2012

Knockout Low Carb Energy Drink Review

The line's olden appearance feels right out of the early 2000s, originally something I praised but now its antiquity is treading thin. Sure, its name makes sense for an energy drink, but there is zero creativity here, and there is even less personality.

There is not much to the nose, an astonishing absence of something often very vexing with such an unimaginative flavour. Here things are ungraciously and unevenly plagiarized from both Monster and Red Bull (the former itself a partially paraphrasing of the latter), a bromidic beverage bankrupt of anything its own. There is a lot of chemical fruitiness, amply apple with some 'pine' in front, in addition to some cotton candy, with only a touch of any vanilla or sourness. The saccharinity is actually quite decent though, accomplished thanks to six grams of sugar per can, however sweetness alone is absolutely no reason to actually drink this.

The characterless three hour kick was thanks to: caffeine (160mg), B vitamins, and taurine. Overall, you could do a lot worse for only a buck, but you are not exactly getting your money's worth either.

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