Sunday, December 16, 2012

XS Root Beer Blast Energy Drink Review

The bright brown works well for this exhausted design, mentally bridging the product to the popular soda. The logo finds no problem popping off of the background color, a decently organized can that is easy to read despite some superfluous text.

The scent is magnificent, however the first sip is an unfortunate disappointment. The sassafras flavor is muted and distractingly synthetic, with deaf hints of identically artificial vanilla and anise. There is a glaring absence of rich sweetness or bright spices, no potent molasses or fiery cinnamon to note. Rather everything is distant and wrapped with a blunt fabricated taste; whether it is before, during or after. The herald herbal blend trademark of the line gives each exposure its only organic essence, an incongruous and pungent attribute starved of purpose. Overall, this brew is a polluting wreck to the soda it (poorly) imitates.

Each can contains only: B vitamins, taurine, the aforesaid herbal blend, and caffeine. The blend can kick for only two hours; after that you will find yourself reaching for something else. Probably better too, because it would be a stretch to find something worse.

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