Friday, December 14, 2012

+Red Power Elixir Review

This shrink wrapped can lacks the usual glossy touch, with the mild matte finish keeping you from noticing its usual cheap texture. The black and red top may ultimately be just pieces of plastic, but it is likely to turn some heads its way. The design is very easy to read, but the (literally) trademarked "power elixir" line is a beguiling synonym for energy drink that adds absolutely nothing.

For something billed "cranberry citrus," there is not much of the latter, resembling any store-bought twenty seven percent juice cocktail, albeit with a scratching carbonation. The "natural flavor" dittos wonderfully, at least for the bog-born berry, liberally laced with earthy but never bitter notes. It is refreshingly brusque, balanced by a fantastic tartness and dryish sweetness. Perhaps the acidity suggests some lemon on occasion, but with each sip one cannot help but wish for something stronger. As it is, each sip was sucked down faster than any in recent memory, but I really wish the citrus was a bit more pronounced.

Each can contains: 150 milligrams of caffeine, a bit of B vitamins, a touch of taurine, some inositol, red super fruit, and l-carnitine. The energy flowed for three or so hours, impressive enough for a twelve ounce beverage. Overall, +Red Power Elixir is a great tasting companion to the greater tasting Rescue Elixir.

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