Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Liquid Lightning The Original Energy Drink Review

Black certainly does help Liquid Lightning's try at looking sleek, a completely clean and very easily read can that ends up being sterile and characterless. The name is appropriate for an energy drink if not a touch generic, although they get some brownie points for not basing it off an animal and avoiding the word "red." But it is a real stinker that the label is shrink wrapped on, especially since the diet variety was not, giving it a frustrating feel when held.

Dull tastes of apple and vanilla begin the experience, decent xeroxes but bore you with an absence of any passion or stern carbonation. Black cherry does evolve from an understated note to something more of a predominate as one keeps drinking, the fruit closing that sip but nearly becoming lost in a solid surge of sugary satisfaction. By the end of the can you are enjoying yourself, witnessing the beverage's maturing that you almost end up wishing you had bought the larger sixteen ounce can. Then you remember how unoriginal this Red Bull clone is, and then you wish you had bought something else.

Each can contains: caffeine (100 mg), B vitamins, vitamin C, ribose, taurine, inositol, and ginseng. The resulting buzz lasts less than two and a half hours, average enough for an eight ounces drink. On the whole, with Red Bull now releasing new flavors outside the "classic" taste, you would wish and expect that the knockoffs would follow suit.

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