Monday, December 10, 2012

Red Bull The Blue Edition Energy Drink Review

The not-so-red bull at the top is distinct on such a clean can, however it is so awkward to read "Red Bull the Blue Edition" out loud. But there is not much else left to say here, an unexpected extension from a line that should have learned that  eight ounces is not enough, so long as the flavor is good.

Revoltingly fake blueberry aromas pour out and assault the nose, but the fruit must be tired by the time it reaches your tongue, as the flavor is calm and discreet. Initially you taste the aforesaid that smacked the two holes above my mouth, enjoyably soured and without complication. Unfortunately that and the small size leaves no room for the taste to grow, followed by a medicinal vanilla and chemical apple cocktail foreboding aged agony. Stronger than the former berry, the two are sweet yet still somehow slightly bitter, an unpleasant characteristic that mixes gawkishly with the dry finish. By the time the last ounce is sipped, the uncouthly and ill conceived concoction proves to be reason behind its diminutive stature.

Ingredients include: B vitamins, taurine, inositol, and eighty milligrams of caffeine. The tame buzz is archaic and unevolved, an hour and a half long buzz that proves just how conservative the company is. In the end, Red Bull the Blue Edition is an uninspired drink that was not worth the years in the making.

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