Saturday, November 24, 2012

Liquid Lightning Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

Nothing but black and blue text on white, Liquid Lightning Sugar Free is an empty and uninteresting looking diminutive diet drink, although larger sixteen ounce cans are sold. There is a bolt of energy above the logo, but it hardly amuses when the rest of the can cares so little. It is trying to feel premium, proven by the "premium supplement" statement towards the bottom, but its name and lack of flavor indication cancels any attempt and instead screams Red Bull clone.

Not the bluntest of Red Bull clones, the flavor here is gummy but tastes predominately of white grape and cherry, with vanilla and apple in the background. The first two fruits are rather robust and demand more sweetness than the drink provides, but they keep from tasting awkward thanks to the dense sourness and immediate involvement of the next two. There are a few sips where the beverage's dryness is more trenchant than others, but at a small eight ounces this is not much of a problem. The sucralose and ace-k blend do their job nonpassionately; a touch of real sugar and a change from "sugar free" to "low carb" and this would be no issue. That would make a world of difference, but as is at least the flavor tries something different.

The 100 milligrams of caffeine is clearly listed with no Google searching required. Each can also contains: B vitamins, vitamin C, taurine, inositol, ginseng, and ribose. There is not much power from the small size, an hour and a half, perhaps two hour long buzz. For my low expectations, Liquid Lightning Sugar Free is not bad. Not great, but not bad.

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