Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nawgan Strawberry Kiwi Energy Drink Review

This banausic looking beverage feels more like a lime or citrus variety than strawberry kiwi, thanks to the bright green. But the color is the only thing vibrant about this drink, a dull and hardly stimulating excuse of a can. The maze is unexciting and the overabundance of plain text fails to enthuse.

Fake scents climb out of the can quickly and disgust the nose, but upon first sip you are surprised and relieved about how mellow the flavor is. It thinly represents either the strawberry or the kiwi, a diluted body barely tart and devoid of any character. With enough focus you can detect both fruits, but they are drowned in an inexcusable wateriness that stretches the tastes and magnifies their stupor simpleness. Real sugar and Stevia sweeten without passion, an awkwardly sugarless eleven and a half ounces. It is a hollow experience worse off without effervescence, a dry drink disgrace to the fruits it exploits.

Each can contains: 100 milligrams of caffeine, a bit of B vitamins and some citicoline. It is hardly impressive, the blend or the buzz, lasting no more than two hours. Overall, Nawgan Strawberry Kiwi is a cacophonous product to all the senses.

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