Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marley's One Drop Mocha Coffee Review

The weight to this glass bottle is impressive, and the shape is comfortable in the palm, but the design leaves something to be desired. The graphic of the inert icon is lost in the unfocused background, and the abundant text is fazing and hard to follow; it has a surprisingly hard time telling consumers this is a mocha ready-to-drink coffee.

Well shaken and ice chilled, the aroma is pleasant and inviting. The taste is strongly sweet and robustly chocolaty, laced liberally with notes of coffee. The mouthfeel is heavy but richly so, a velvety cream that swims without worry about the tongue. You are allowed only a few sips from the meager nine-and-a-half ounces, a flavor surely too dulcet and simple from any more. But I wanted more once finished, my person lusting for more of the relaxing lusciousness that could pass as a holiday dessert.

Thirty five grams of sugar and brewed coffee can only kick for an hour, a dismal buzz forgivable considering this is not marketed as an "energy" doohickey. Overall, Marley's One Drop Mocha has a quality taste, but this Frappuccino-esque bottled beverage never again hits the target.

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