Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great Value Energy Strawberry Kiwi Review

Before MiO can even release any new energy flavors, Wal Mart debuts several varieties in their own ripoff brand. Today we will be taking a look at the Strawberry Kiwi version, sporting the brand's best color scheme yet (although it almost feels a bit too "Breast Cancer Awareness"). The pink shines off of the black, and the green outlined black text find no trouble being noticed either.

Two brief squirts a sixteen ounce bottle is the recommendation, contaminating the water a dull cerise pink. There is hardly any flavor from the former few pours, so two more spritzes were injected then shaken. There is still little to taste, although the strawberry begins to ooze out from beneath the cracks of the bland wateriness. By now the liquid is soiled a solid amaranth color, never darker even with two more splashes. Now the aforementioned fruit shows simple depth and basic friendship with the promised kiwi, equally uncomplicated but far sweeter, tasted most in the back of the throat where it cloyingly stiffens. More spits offer no more intricacy and only more gelatinous and unpleasant sugariness, making for a sickly saccharine sixteen ounces that will have you wishing you had kept your water boring.

There are some B vitamins, and fifty milligrams of caffeine per spurt. Four dashes gave me a four hour buzz, but it depends all on how many drops utilized. On the whole, Wal Mart has several good energy products under their Great Value belt, but this is not one of them.

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